Monthly Archives: May 2016

27 May 2016


SALE ARTS TRAIL 2016 9TH / 10TH JULY For the 3rd year running I’m delighted to be taking part in the excellent Sale Arts Trail. It’s a wonderful event that has gone from strength to strength due to the dedication of the organisers Jo Lavelle and Sophie Nixon, who are both artists. I’ll be showing and selling work from my projects and also doing a walk and talk at dusk along the canalside. I’ve created an events page – CLICK […]

27 May 2016


MANCHESTER HISTORIES FESTIVAL 2016 Over the weekend of June 4th & 5th I’ll be taking part in the Manchester Histories Festival. I’ve created an event page HERE. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing my pictures exhibited on specially commissioned A-boards, with the help of NOMA. They’ll be laid out as a photo trail along a route which starts at Aspin Lane and finishes at Sadler’s Yard. I’m all for showing work outside of the context of a gallery as when […]

09 May 2016


OLDFIELD ROAD 4.26AM There was warmth in the air, and I had hope when I set off. The sky was clear and there was the promise of rich colour in the dawn sky as I made my way down to Oldfield Road and James Street, near the war memorial and Islington Mill, which houses so many artists. It’s obvious that Salford now has ambition to change, with boards going up around derelict land like screens around the body of an […]

03 May 2016


QUEEN STREET 4.32AM This dawn was, I imagine, how most people think of daybreak. The sky was a swirled mess of blues and greys, with the clouds pink and fluffy like the pom-poms on a show poodle. Birds sweetly sang in trees beyond my eyes and geese on the nearby Irwell barked distant warnings. The streets were almost free of traffic, whilst in the apartments behind me, some lights still glowed, although no moving silhouette gave away any life within […]