Monthly Archives: September 2016

28 Sep 2016
silk street adelphi salford


SILK STREET, 6.23AM There’s an area just off Bury New Road that I’ve wanted to photograph for a while. It’s a place still of the old city, where mixed Mancunians chance their lives on numerous ventures, trading goods of varying quality and legality from around the world. As the streets lead away from the main road there is a sense of decay, and clustered rubbish sullies the paths and kerbs, as if a great tide has swept in, depositing the […]

19 Sep 2016
subscribe not quite light


JOIN ME AT DAWN… You can now subscribe to Not Quite Light and keep up with all the new posts, events, workshops and offers on limited edition prints. Over the coming months I’ll be out several times a week at sunrise. I’ll also be holding events such as guided walks and lowlight photography workshops. So subscribe and keep up to date with all of the Not Quite Light projects. Simply add your email address to the form me below and […]

18 Sep 2016
Looking towards Manchester from the Crescent Salford


THE CRESCENT, SALFORD 5.20AM I felt panicky this morning, and I wasn’t entirely sure why. I struggled to balance my tripod on the central reservation of the main through route from the East Lancs, and although Manchester looked beautiful in the steamy early morning, it seemed just too far away to bring me what I wanted. People passing by on their way home from night shifts, stooped and unlikely to make old bones, looked at me with concern, acknowledging as […]

15 Sep 2016


WATER STREET, MANCHESTER 5.36AM It would seem that we can no longer expect the summer to remain in its expected place anymore. The warmth of remembered childhood days has now slipped beyond the start of the new school year, and September has become the month when we go to work in our shirt sleeves, as did I on this room temperature dawn. When it is this balmy, and I’m out under a night sky, with the world lit and coloured […]

05 Sep 2016
we are made here london road fire station


WE ARE MADE HERE This Saturday, the 10th of September I’m taking part in We Are Made Here at the London Road Fire Station, which has recently been saved from destruction and is now set to become a hotel and venue for arts and events. I was lucky enough to be able to take some pictures of the interior last week, and it is an extraordinary place. The We Are Made event is on from 11am to 9pm and features […]