‘From Trinity To The Crescent’ is the second Not Quite Light Project. It will explore the area around the River Irwell, which is used as the physical border between the cities of Manchester and Salford. This will take me from just below Strangeways along Chapel Street and Deansgate, and as far as the Crescent, as the A6 heads away from the city centre.

The history between Salford and Manchester is fascinating, and illustrates my view that perhaps Manchester’s biggest talent is appropriation. It’s certainly always been the more strident bullying force, often overwhelming a Salford oddly too meek to stand up for itself when yet there was so much to be proud of.

As the BBC has firmly established itself in Salford, so the ambition of the council seems, to the naked eye, to be re-awakening with vast developments planned down Chapel Street and as far as Salford Quays and Media City. As to what that means for its future, and how this will sit with its stroppy, younger sibling across the water, it is, to misquote Zhou Enlai, too soon to tell.

Over the next year I’ll be exploring again the themes of heritage and regeneration in this part of our cities. Might we, at some time in a future, be able to say there was success, or simply an escape from failure?

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