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18 Sep 2016
Looking towards Manchester from the Crescent Salford


THE CRESCENT, SALFORD 5.20AM I felt panicky this morning, and I wasn’t entirely sure why. I struggled to balance my tripod on the central reservation of the main through route from the East Lancs, and although Manchester looked beautiful in the steamy early morning, it seemed just too far away to bring me what I wanted. People passing by on their way home from night shifts, stooped and unlikely to make old bones, looked at me with concern, acknowledging as […]

18 Oct 2015


MANGLE STREET, NORTHERN QUARTER 7.04AM Back Piccadilly forms the city centre boundary to this current project. It’s a curious street, like a redundant spine, that more or less runs the length of the Northern Quarter. Around its liason with Oldham Street people perform a peculiar dance as they avoid bumping into one another on the narrow pavement, and vans and lorries block it whilst grumpy men unload goods into the bars, supermarkets and shops that face out onto Piccadilly. Away […]

06 Oct 2015


  RUSTICA, TIB STREET, 7.03AM The day before had started chaotically, as my alarm didn’t go off, and a non-committal drizzle had doused the weekend warmth in streets that now seemed disjointed. An old fella in a tweed flat cap, walking slowly and unsteadily with a stick, had stood in the middle of the road and loudly denounced a driver going in the wrong direction up a one way street. There’d also been a small altercation with a young lad […]

17 Mar 2015


FARADAY STREET, MANCHESTER, 6.09AM I was looking at this scene a few days back, when I bumped into some old friends who invited me to join them in the Pie and Ale Beer Hall. They had pies for big eyes on their menu and I was sorry it was closed when I returned to take the picture. The sleek glass of the pie bar and the barbed wire on the gate at the end of the street were clear, but […]

15 Mar 2015


I’d seen the abandoned pub on Honey Street the previous evening, whilst eating a falafel wrap, bought from a take-away on Cheetham Hill Road. Many of the pubs in this area have been closed down, and often demolished. I sometimes hear my flatmate talk wistfully about nights out in them. He calls them “boozers” still. Around the Northern Quarter and the city centre there seems to be a new bar or restaurant opening every week, with London businesses now beginning […]