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26 Feb 2017


WATER STREET 7.07AM Yet again the weather forecast had failed me. Rain spattered into my glasses as the clouds above surged into the distance, following an unseen agenda that all below would simply have to cope with. Beneath where I was standing, near the Victoria and Albert hotel, a million droplets strafed the Irwell, causing the gulls to twist and swirl as if trying to throw off an attacking fighter plane. A business man stomped towards his large BMW, frowning […]

25 Oct 2016
the meadow salford


THE MEADOW, 6.31AM To reach Salford Meadow you have to zig-zag through small streets past newly built houses, where cars glimmer in drive ways just big enough to contain them. It’s obvious which are the kitchens and bathrooms in these homes, as they are the only ones lit. People briefly appear and swig swiftly from mugs, or materialise upstairs as monotone bulks behind frosted glass. I parked at the end of a fancily illuminated footbridge and made my way down […]

01 Sep 2016
Liverpool Street, Salford, dawn

NQl “From Trinity To The Crescent”

It’s been a while since I’ve had chance to return to my personal Not Quite Light project, and it felt great to be back producing pictures for it on Thursday at dawn. I was working down along the banks of the Irwell in Salford. There will be a blog post from the session in the next few days. Whilst I was driving home, the early morning light became sublime so I parked my car and photographed Liverpool Street. Not long […]

04 Jul 2016
oldfield road salford cow lane beetham tower


Read the new post from the project “From Trinity To The Crescent” To read more click on the link

04 Jul 2016
oldfield road salford cow lane beetham tower


COW LANE, SALFORD 3.14AM – 4.15AM The turning point of the year, the Longest Day, had not long ended when I arrived. The much heralded Strawberry Moon was losing its fight with overpowering clouds that, for now, reflected prismatic city lights and lunar brilliance but which, at daybreak, would be revealed as grey and unloved. I settled next to a cement works that hummed and clanked, but revealed no human form, despite there being several illuminated huts. Away in the […]