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04 Sep 2016

NEW POST – Riverside, Salford 5.28AM

There’s a new post on the project ‘From Trinity To The Crescent’, featuring words and pictures from the banks of the River Irwell, just off Adelphi Street. To read more click here

02 Jun 2016
mark addy salford


MARK ADDY, NEW BAILEY, 4.01AM Bailey. Such an English name. Indeed, the last time I visited this area was to witness a grown man arrive on a boat festooned in Union Jacks, bolstered by a giddy entourage belting out Land Of Hope And Glory as the vessel came to rest at the Mark Addy pub. Since then the Irwell has flooded, suffocating the Salford landmark with cloying mud, and perhaps closing it forever. Manchester and Salford seemed to turn their […]