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04 Sep 2016

NEW POST – Riverside, Salford 5.28AM

There’s a new post on the project ‘From Trinity To The Crescent’, featuring words and pictures from the banks of the River Irwell, just off Adelphi Street. To read more click here

04 Sep 2016
Riverside Irwell Salford dawn


RIVERSIDE, SALFORD, 5.28AM Often I’m already en route when I decide where I’ll go to photograph, simply following the course of fate and instinct to bring me to my destination. And, on this late summer morning, I fetched up at the River Irwell near Adelphi Street, along whose muddied sides human settlement is once again thriving. As I turned down neat, new streets, and came suddenly upon a footbridge, I realised how little I knew of the river’s course once […]

26 Feb 2015


MJT MOTORS, GOULD STREET, 7.36AM My flatmate has a dog, an English Bull terrier. He’s a dapper man and reminds me a little of Bill Sykes as he proudly walks his pet through the Victorian streets behind Angel Meadows at night. Walking around the district that we live in is what has inspired Not Quite Light, as we talk about the history of the streets and buildings, and of our thoughts towards the encroaching modern world. In many ways, this […]