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04 Jun 2020



film – made in Dec 2020, at the end of the 12 months

In December, on the winter solstice, 2019, I began work on a major project named  ‘Our Future is Ancient’ which was commissioned by the Barnaby Festival. Each full moon, at dawn, until the follwing solstice in 2020. I couldn’t known, as I started, that I’d be working against the backdrop of a pandemic, creating one of the kost extraordinary 12 month periods of my life.

Each full moon I would travel into Macclesfield Forest before dawn and record my experience amongst the trees in the dark, and emerging twilight. We all grew up with the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel so, despite it being a place of sanctuary, I actually felt safer on the streets of Salford than amongst the dark of the forest.

However, as the months went on, I grew to love being there before daybreak, even feeling disappointment when the light arrived. The call of owls and other creatures was magical.

Lockdown has changed our world and during the weeks of confinement, I began to crave the forest, desperate to savour its mysteries and the comfort of the natural world. The virus has caused me to feel very differently about my own life, and creating work around such an ancient place feels very relevant at the moment.

I’m fascinated by the way trees communicate with each other underground, and I’ve learned so much about the deep time they occupy, hauling me from ignorant urban state. At the same time I’ve been aware of my sub-conscious being at work, processing the events of the past few months as survive the Covid-19 crisis. What emerged was the idea to meld the way trees communicate with my own mind, and produce stories in response to this. The work will eventually be a performance and  a series of short films featuring visuals, sound, music and readings.

The premier of the work, in a live performance will take place at St. Michael’s Church in Macclesfield on June 19th at 8pm. Along with my readings of the text I’ve created, I will be joined onstage by Rioghnach Connelly ( Honeyfeet, The Breath ) and the brilliant cellist Liz Hanks. Ticket info is still to be confirmed. 

25 Jun 2019


CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE THE SLIDESHOW FULL SIZED When I began Not Quite Light in 2015, I spent quite a bit of time photographing in Ancoats, before a lot of the current regeneration had taken place. I was caused to revisit it recently, working for a client, and was somewhat taken aback at the amount of change that had taken place. There is still ‘old’ Manchester at the north eastern edge, but the streets towards the city have […]

09 Oct 2018
Gloucester, Cape Ann, New England


CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE THE SLIDESHOW FULL SIZED These pictures were taken on a visit to Gloucester, New England in 2018. It’s America’s oldest fishing port, and is is still very much a working town, rather than a place tourists visit. Whilst I was there I discovered that Edward Hopper had visited the town in the 1920s, and one of the paintings he did there, mansard Roofs, launched his career at the age of 40. I can understand […]

19 Mar 2017
blueprint studios guided walk manchester


BLUEPRINT STUDIOS, COLLIER STREET, 7.18AM The windows of Blueprint Studios glowed red, like a 4 bar electric heater. Behind me, an upstairs room in The Eagle Inn beamed bright tungsten light towards Trinity Way, like a lighthouse for those stumbling in search of the past. Behind both brick buildings the new, taller version of ancient Greengate had emerged, not quite facing in the same direction. I considered if the demolition of the Victorian architecture, and the emergence of the tower […]

26 Feb 2017
River irwell near water street manchester


WATER STREET 7.07AM Yet again the weather forecast had failed me. Rain spattered into my glasses as the clouds above surged into the distance, following an unseen agenda that all below would simply have to cope with. Beneath where I was standing, near the Victoria and Albert hotel, a million droplets strafed the Irwell, causing the gulls to twist and swirl as if trying to throw off an attacking fighter plane. A business man stomped towards his large BMW, frowning […]